Melville Masters Swimming Club


Endurance 1000


Where and when?
Thursday night at club, and every 2nd and 4th Sunday at LeisureFit Booragoon at 8:30am (providing there are no other swim events on the same day). Check with someone if you are not sure.

How do Endurance 1000 swims work?
Distance swimming in Masters is classed as being any swim of 400m or more. Club members are timed doing these swims throughout the calendar year to earn points for themselves and their club, and at the same time, build up their aerobic fitness.

There is a Trophy to be earned each year by the club which earns the most points. There are also club trophies for Melville members for these swims. The swims which qualify for these points are:

400m Freestyle 800m Freestyle

400m Breastroke 800m Breastroke

400m Backstroke 800m Backstroke

400m Butterfly 800m Butterfly

400m I.M. 800m I.M.

A maximum of up to 5 swims in each stroke are allowed over the course of the year, with each stroke/distance combination to be swum in different months. Points are calculated based on gender and age groups.

There are also longer swims which you can do which gain a lot more points and you only need to do one of each of these swims for the year. You can swim each of the following strokes and distances if you wish, or only one of the swims. It is up to you. They can be done in Freestyle, Breastroke and/or Backstroke. These swims are:

1/2 hour, 3/4 hour, 1 hour and 1500 metres. For the 1/2 hour, 3/4 hour and 1 hour swims your distance is taken from the closest 25m (rounded down) that you have actually finished swimming when the set time elapses.

Endurance 1000 Information and Guidelines

Enjoy your long distance swimming!